At James E. Conner, Jr. Plumbing, Inc., our team of industry veterans provides top-quality plumbing to our new-construction clients in the commercial and residential sectors.
Our experienced staff have been carefully handpicked to ensure they possess the right mix of experience and technical skill, allowing us to consistently deliver outstanding results
and exceed project expectations.

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  • Master Plumbers – Our Master Plumbers are experts in the field. Through on-the-job training, years of classroom education and certification from the state of New Jersey, they have a comprehensive understanding of plumbing systems and are capable of handling complex installations.
  • Journeyman Plumbers – Our Journeyman Plumbers possess a complete range of skills and knowledge. They are adept at troubleshooting and resolving plumbing issues, ensuring that projects run smoothly and efficiently. Many of our Journeymen are in the process of completing their licensure.
  • Apprentice Plumbers – Apprentices are the future of the industry. Working under the guidance of our Master and Journeyman plumbers, they are learning the trade and honing their skills to become top-notch professionals.

Commitment to Training & Development

At Conner Plumbing, we believe in the importance of continuous training and development for our staff. This ensures that our team members stay up to date with the latest plumbing code and industry advancements. Some of the initiatives we have in place include:

  • On-The-Job Training – Our apprentice plumbers gain invaluable hands-on experience by working alongside our Master and Journeyman plumbers through all phases of our new-construction projects.
  • Mentorship – Our Master Plumbers often teach at New Jersey trade schools, sharing their wisdom and experience.
  • Professional Development Courses – We encourage our staff to participate in ongoing education, including workshops, seminars, and certification programs to stay current in the industry.
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Our team of industry veterans is our greatest asset.

We understand the importance of having a skilled, knowledgeable, and dedicated staff to provide the highest level of expertise to our clients.
We continuously invest in our employees’ development and strive to create a positive, supportive work environment that fosters growth and success.